16 Bizarre Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

Most of us don’t know what’s happening to our bodies while we’re sleeping, because we are asleep! Sleep evokes images of closed eyes, slow breathing, dreams and relaxation. But while you're dozing, your body's systems are doing lots of crazy things that will blow your mind.

Some of these crazy mind blowing things are listed below:

1. Your body temperature drops.

Just before you fall asleep, your core body temperature begins to decrease. This drop signals to your brain to release melatonin, which affects your circadian rhythm (or sleep/wake cycle) and tells your body it's time for bed. Your temperature is lowest around 2:30 A.M., so if you're able to, program your thermostat to rise one degree at that time for an hour or two. Otherwise, you may find yourself stealing your spouse’s covers for extra warmth.

2. You lose weight.

One reason you should always step on a scale in the morning, not in the evening is that you lose water through perspiring and breathing out humid air during the night. This happens during the day too, but eating and drinking while you're awake negates any weight loss. If you're sleeping just four or five hours per night, you could be canceling out whatever smart diet and exercise choices you're making during the day. To whittle your waistline, get at least seven hours of sleep per night.

3. You get taller.

You do gain height while you sleep. The discs in your spine that act as cushions between the bones rehydrate and get bigger because the weight of your body isn't pressing down on them, like it is when you're standing. If you have a firm mattress, sleeping on your side in the fetal position may be best for getting taller because it decreases the load on your back.

Your body produces a hormone known as the human growth hormone (hgH) while you are in the deepest stages of sleep. This hormone is necessary for the growth of your muscles, bones and tissues when you are young, and then for repair and restoration once you stop growing. It is also the reason for the term ‘beauty sleep’ – sleep considered to be sufficient to keep one looking young and beautiful.

4. Your blood pressure and heart rate decrease.

When you're resting, your body doesn't need to work as hard or pump as much blood, so these systems slow down. Blood pressure needs to dip at night so your cardiac muscle and circulatory system have time to relax and repair.

It's especially important for people with high blood pressure to get at least seven hours of sleep to experience that temporary drop—it reduces the risk for heart disease.

5. Your muscles are temporarily paralyzed.

Sounds scary, but it's actually what keeps you from acting out your dreams.

That "can't...move...another...muscle" feeling comes from the fact that all sorts of normal physiological processes slow way down at bedtime, like how many breaths you take per minute and how quickly your heart beats. Even your muscles and organs chill out. The intestines quiet down in the nighttime, and the liver goes from trying to detoxify during wakefulness to trying to build and synthesize when you're sleeping. There's also less adrenaline pumping through your veins, since you won't be needing your fight-or-flight response between the sheets.

When you sleep, your throat muscles relax, causing your throat to get narrower and your breathing to change. Some people’s throats get too narrow though, which is why they tend to snore.

6. Your eyes twitch.

During REM (aka rapid eye movement) sleep, your eyes dart from side to side, not that scientists know why exactly. Dreams occur during REM sleep, so it can be disconcerting to wake up during this deep—not light—sleep stage. You might feel most refreshed if you wake up right after you cycle through all the sleep stages, with REM occurring toward the end. Though it varies from person to person, one sleep cycle usually lasts 90 minutes, so try sleeping in intervals of 90 minutes. For example, you may find it easier to awaken after sleeping for 7.5 hours (five cycles) than after 8 hours (5⅓ cycles).

7. You get sexually aroused.

Just as men get erections during REM sleep, women become sexually stimulated then, too. Your brain is more active during REM sleep (since you're dreaming), so it requires more oxygen—as a result, blood flow all over the body increases. There is natural clitoral engorgement because blood rushes to that area and causes swelling, according to research.

8. You're more likely to have gas.

You won't be happy to hear this, but during the night, your anal sphincter muscles loosen slightly, making it easier to let out a toot or two. Luckily, your sense of smell (and your spouse's) are reduced while you sleep—that's why fire alarms were invented, because it's hard to smell smoke while you're snoozing. So even if you experience flatulence, rest assured: Nobody is likely to notice.

9. You may have a full-body spasm.

As people fall asleep, many of them experience a full-body jerk, and it's totally normal. As many as 70% of people experience this phenomenon in which muscles suddenly contract. Some experts think that these spasms may have to do with anxiety and/or an irregular sleep schedule, while others think they're unavoidable. So if you like to snuggle with your spouse as you wind down in bed, be sure to pry yourselves apart before you're both out cold, or else you may accidentally shake each other awake.

10. Collagen production in your skin increases.

Collagen is a protein that strengthens blood vessels and gives skin its elasticity. When you're asleep, you're in a fasting state, so growth hormone is released to tell your fat cells to release energy stores—as it turns out, growth hormone also stimulates collagen growth. "Since collagen production spikes while you sleep, moisturizing facial creams that contain retinols and retinoids are best to use before bed because these products boost collagen turnover, combat pigment problems and fight fine lines and wrinkles," says Melanie Palm, MD, a dermatologist in Solana Beach, CA, an assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Diego, and a staff physician at Scripps Encinitas Memorial Hospital.

11. You aren't sleeping deeply most of the time.

Not all sleep was created equal: When you first drift off, you get only very light sleep, then progress deeper and deeper into dreamland. The sleep cycle starts in what's called non–rapid eye movement or NREM stage 1 (the kind of sleep you might nab if you were the type to doze off during your college lectures). Then you move into a deeper NREM 2 and then to the deepest, NREM 3, also called slow-wave sleep. Finally, you land in rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep, the wild part of the ride when most of our dreams occur. The whole cycle usually takes somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes, so on a typical night you'll cycle through four or five times, waking up for just a sec (even if you don't realize you're awake) after REM sleep before starting over in stage 1.

As the night goes on, you spend less time in that deliciously deep stage 3 and more time in REM sleep, which explains why your alarm so often wakes you up in the middle of a totally bizarre dream. REM sleep may somehow prepare you to get your butt out of bed.

12. Your brain cleans house.

Our brains are "on" throughout the night, especially in that dream-heavy REM sleep when they're actually almost as active as they are when we're wide awake.

Among other things, they may be taking out the trash. That's one of the more exciting new ideas about the purpose of sleep: A 2013 study in mice found that waste removal systems in the brain are more active during sleep.

Your brain's also busy cementing new memories while you sleep. The brain is processing the information we gained throughout the day and filtering out the information we don't need, which may be one of the reasons we dream. The theory goes that maybe connections between brain cells are strengthened or weakened during sleep, depending on how much we used them during the day. The important stuff gets reinforced while the factoids we just don't need get trashed.

13. Sleep regulates your hunger hormones

If a frosted donut has ever looked particularly tasty after a night spent tossing and turning, at least it's not just you: Most people reach for higher-calorie foods (and more of 'em) when they've logged too few hours of sleep, which can in turn, of course, lead to weight gain. Researchers believe that the hunger-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin get out of whack when we don't sleep well.

14. You might walk, talk, or even drive.

There's no good reason for these so-called parasomnias, or weird behaviors known to happen during sleep, but luckily they're mostly harmless. Sleepwalking and similar midslumber activities occur during stage 3 sleep, making it tough to rouse a sleepwalker from deep sleep but not dangerous to do so. (In fact, it can be dangerous not to wake them, considering their next move could be to try to get behind the wheel.) Sleepwalking, talking, or driving is usually due to sleep deprivation or is a side effect of certain medications and occurs in anywhere from 1 to 15% of us, according to the National Sleep Foundation. While it's definitely most common in kids, you probably don't have to worry if you find your spouse has migrated to the living room.

15. Dream

Some people cannot remember their dreams in the morning, while others wake up remembering a bizarre sequence of events that often seem real. Many dreams are based in reality, with elements of the person’s thoughts or the events of the previous day featuring prominently in what they dream about. Psychologists have offered several theories to explain why we dream, but so far there is no consensus. Some people even have recurring dreams, where they experience they same dream either in a short period of time or over several years.

16. You May Grind Your Teeth

Many people grind their teeth together or clench them while they are asleep, a condition that is known as bruxism. If you suspect that you may be grinding your teeth at night, you should go to your dentist and get fitted for a mouth guard immediately, because the habit could leave you with cracked teeth and sore jaw muscles.

The Proposed 4TH Mainland Bridge & Masterplan In Pictures

There are great opportunities in the heart of Lagos…

With these opportunities come an intense congestion; causing pressures that threaten to paralyze the city’s circulation, its growth and its people.

To reduce this pressure, we propose an operation – the 4th Mainland Bridge. The operation will be the insertion of a bypass; a bridge within the body of Lagos. In addition to this bridge, we also propose a new heart to support the bridge. This ‘new bridge and new heart’ in the body of Lagos will not be typical infrastructure; they will connect people in large numbers and improve their natural flow through a reorganization of vehicular, waterways, and pedestrian modes of transportation.

The 2 level bridge will not only function as a means for vehicular traffic on its upper level, it will stimulate and accommodate pedestrian, social, commercial and cultural interactions on it’s lower level – ‘Lagos Life’ – with its tropical environment and intimate street level exchanges. The Fourth Mainland Bridge in conjunction with existing road networks would establish a primary ring road around Lagos. This ring road will provide alternative traffic routes from Lekki to Ikorodu, Ikeja to Ajah, relieving the 3rd Mainland bridge of its overstretched capacity.

With this improved flow of people across Lagos, the city will be relieved of traffic congestion, will maximize its great opportunities and grow better.

CLIENT: Missing Link Motorway Co.
PROGRAM: Infrastructure & Masterplan
AREA: 3km bridge, 120ha masterplan
STATUS: Approved Concept Design 2008
KUNLÉ ADEYEMI’S ROLE: Project Architect/Associate-in-charge

Jonathan Showed No Political Will In Fight Against Boko Haram – US Envoy

The United States yesterday said immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan, did not show political will in putting an end to Boko Haram insurgency that ravaged the country for several years.

The country also revealed that corruption in the Jonathan-led administration denied Nigeria its support in the war against Boko Haram at the height of the insurgency.

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Samantha Power, made the revelation at the American University of Nigeria, during a visit to round off her visit to IDPs camps in Adamawa state.

She disclosed that the US government was monitoring the political will of Nigeria then to tackle the insurgency, but was not convinced of the country’ seriousness due to the corrupt tendencies that were associated with the issue of those fighting the insurgency.

She however noted that President Muhammadu Buhari had so far shown seriousness in tackling the scourge.

“But, when the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government came on board, the US recognised his full commitment to stop the insurgency and the anti-corruption crusade. The US has no alternative than to back the present administration.

“The US, as part of our new resolve and commitment is now training a battalion of soldiers that will soon return home to face the insurgents headlong. The battalion will be a high performing one equipped with the American terrorism combat and techniques on their return,” she said.

She also disclosed that President Buhari had received needed intelligence for the rescue of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls, and commended Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger under the auspices of the Lake Chad Commission for their collaborative effort in combating the Boko Haram insurgents.

“The United States acknowledged the seriousness of these countries in their combined efforts against terrorism and it is paying off now.”

While announcing a donation of $40 million to help Boko Haram victims, the envoy disclosed that although the US was investing in the security aspect of Nigeria, it was not involved in combating Boko Haram.

Power called on the soldiers to protect liberated towns so as to allow returnees start a fresh life.

Recall that top military and security officials that served in the Jonathan administration are currently under investigation for the misuse of funds meant for the procurement of arms in the fight against insurgents.

The former national security adviser, Sambo Dasuki, has been in detention since November 2015 for his role in the misappropriation of $2.1 billion.

source: leadership.ng

Fake Colonel Caught with Illegal Arms as He is Tried by the Nigerian Army

Mr. Prince Onyemauche 

Mr. Prince Onyemauche, the man impersonating as a serving officer in the Nigerian Army, has been arrested by the Army for prosecution.

Mr. Onyemauche was arrested alongside a serving senior non-commissioned officer, SSgt Jacob Phillip at about 3.00 a.m. along Wazobia Motor Park, Gwagwalada, Abuja in February, 2016 by troops of the 176 Special Forces Guards Battalion.

The suspect was driving a grey-coloured Toyota Tacoma pick-up van with registration No. Lagos LSD 05 BM at the time of his arrest. He had earlier escaped check at the Abaji military checkpoint on the same day where he had told the soldiers that he was a Colonel in the Army, but the soldiers promptly reported the incident which led to his arrest in Gwagwalada.

Following the arrest, both suspects were moved to Gwagwalada Barracks where a search on their vehicle revealed that they were in possession of illegally acquired weapons.

The search revealed an AK 47 assault rifle with registration No. 3290 and four ammunition magazines. Two of the magazines were empty while the other two were loaded with 42 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition.

A Luger pistol with 21 rounds of 9mm ammunition and the sum of N1,011,300.00k were also recovered from the vehicle.

Other items recovered from the suspects included six GSM handsets, one Samsung Galaxy tablet, 12 check booklets, six ATM cards, a driver’s licence and a voters’ card belonging to Mr Onyemauche as well as a temporary driver’s licence belonging to one Mr Rasaq Olanrewaju.

The rest items recovered from them were one expended case of 9 mm pistol ammunition, seven sets of fund transfer forms for Zenith Bank and Ecobank, and a sales invoice No. 19822 issued to one Blessed Triplet Pharmacy.

Preliminary investigations also revealed that Mr Onyemauche has long formed the habit of illegally using soldiers as escorts while travelling outside Lagos to his village in Imo State and sometimes to Abuja.

Three soldiers including SSgt Phillip already identified as travelling with the suspect without official authorization are now awaiting trial by a military court-martial while Mr Onyemauche will be handed over to the Nigeria Police for further investigation and prosecution.

While parading the suspect today, Army spokesman, Colonel Sani Usman, urged the general public to always have in mind that not all persons that claim to be military personnel are truly so, adding that where people suspect foul play on encountering such persons, they should be quickly reported to the law-enforcement agencies, the Military Police or at any nearest military barracks

Phone Thief's Hand Cut In Delta (pics)

The young man pictured above met his waterloo as he tried to steal a phone by passing his hand through someone's window in Sapele, Delta state. The owner of the house on sighting the man’s hand fiddling for the phone, quickly went for a cutlass and cut of the man’s hand. Mr. Burglar ran away into the night crying with his amputated hand. Pictured above is the burglar at the hospital. See graphic photos below;

source: trezzyblog.com

'I'm a very spiritual person': Lindsay Lohan confirms she's considering converting to Islam... but hasn't finished reading the Koran

She caused a stir when she was pictured carrying a copy of the Koran on the first day of community service in New York last summer.
And Lindsay Lohan has finally spoken out about her newfound love of Islam, revealing she has been studying the religion to satisfy her intellectual curiosity and spiritual nature.
The 29-year-old star told The Sun newspaper: 'I'm a very spiritual person and I'm really open to learning.
Scroll down for video
Spiritual soul: Lindsay Lohan has revealed she's considering converting to Islam and is enjoying learning about the religion 
Spiritual soul: Lindsay Lohan has revealed she's considering converting to Islam and is enjoying learning about the religion 
'America has portrayed holding a Koran in such a different way to what it actually is.'
Catholic-born Lindsay - who revealed that her younger sister Ali was also exploring her spiritual side and had converted to Buddhism - has yet to finish reading the lengthy holy text, however.
'Do you know how long that would take?', she exclaimed.
'Do you know how long that would take?': Catholic-born Lindsay has yet to finish reading the lengthy holy text

List of High Paying Adsense Keywords and Search Categories

In case you wish to know about the popular categories and search keywords that show Adsense ads of maximum CPC, here’s a list arranged in categories.
e-Commerce: VoIP, Broadband, Domain Names, Web Hosting, Web Design
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You can see the latest image and text ads in Google inventory for the above keywords using the Adsense Sandbox.
What’s missing from the above list of top paying keywords are the health care and legal help categories that are known to pay in excess of $20 per click – they include search terms like mesothelioma, asbestos, accident lawyers, attorney, etc which fetch the highest Adsense CPC rate but only for real sites.

It is almost impossible to monetize these keywords on a MFA website. To find the average CPC of any keyword or search phrase, use the keyword suggestion tools listed here.

Chris Brown's daughter looks adorable in new photo

Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty looked so adorable as she waved to paparazzi in her beautiful outfit and purse. Chris shared a side by side photo of them and another one of her by herself. Another photo after the cut..

Photo: 17-year-old pregnant girl stoned to death by her boyfriend

Nomfusi Dlekedla,17 was allegedly stoned to death by her boyfriend in Palm Ridge, SA, on Friday, March 11. Her heartbroken father, Nikiwe Dlekedia, 65, from Greenfields in Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun SA that his daughter was six months pregnant.
"When we went to his place on Saturday morning, the house was filled with bricks, the furniture was lying all over the place and my daughter’s face was smashed," said Nikiwe who is devastated over the brutal murder of his daughter.
He said he was told his daughter and the boyfriend were on their way home when he started assaulting Nomfusi. Neighbours said he was abusive and jealous. Nikiwe said he tried to get his daughter to dump the boyfriend several times but she didn’t listen.
"He would call her and she would disappear for days. It seemed like she was scared of him but she never told me the. The relationship was abusive. I heard it from her friends," he said.
The sad father said he was still expecting a lot from his daughter because she was very young. "Her siblings are devastated. When they heard the news some of them even fainted," he said.
Sergeant Rufus Tema who confirmed the incident said a case of murder has been opened. "No arrests have been made and we are continuing with the investigations" he said.
Source: Daily Sun SA

Fireworks disaster at Kerala Temple kills 106 people in South India

An explosion caused by fireworks during a religious festival at a temple in India yesterday killed about 106 people and hundreds more injured in the southern Indian state of Kerala according to reports.

P. T. Chacko, a spokesman for Chief Minister Oommen Chandy of Kerala, said that the fireworks display had been forbidden by officials in the coastal district of Kollam but that the temple festival organizers still used the fireworks anyway.

The explosions leveled several buildings, killing and injuring people according to a television interview by Fire officer at the scene, K.Hari Kumar. “Fragments of the building with huge pieces of burnt crackers were flying all over, “We all started scrambling for a safe place,” Mr. Rajendran, a 36 yar old local mason. The official statement said 75 bodies have been identified and 84 post-mortems had been conducted.

Source: Time of India

Nigeria, China Bank Agree On Yuan

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, the world’s biggest lender and Nigeria’s Central Bank on Tuesday signed an agreement on yuan transactions.

“It means that the renminbi (yuan) is free to flow among different banks in Nigeria and the renminbi has been included in the foreign exchange reserves of Nigeria,”


CBN has signed 'Foreign Exchange Deal' With Chinese Commercial Banks.

Nigerian businessmen that want to do businesses with Chinese firms can change Naira to Yuan from Nigeria Bank without having to change Naira to US$ (in Nigeria) for US$ to Yuan (in China)...copied

Buhari Visits China's Forbidden City

President Buhari who is currently on a state visit to China, visited the Former Chinese Imperial Palace otherwise known as China's Forbidden city today April 12th. Read a brief history of the forbidden city as written by Special Adviser to Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, after the cut.

The city was built from 1406 to 1420 in the reign of the Ming Dynasty Yongle Emperor. It served as the seat of power for 24 emperors, over the course of 491 years. And why is it called the Forbidden City? Because it was not just for anybody. Not for the hoi polloi, nor the flotsam and jetsam of society. Not for the proleteriat, but only the privileged and dignified. The poor enter at their own peril. It was off limits to them.

But then, the Hausa say "Seriki goma, zamani goma" (Ten kings for ten epochs) and then times and seasons would change. The Forbidden City, located over vast hectares of land, with over 8,000 buildings and 1,800,000 sets of artifacts, fell to the 1911 Revolution led by Dr Sun Zhongshan. Yes, the good does not last forever, neither does the evil last forever. The Qing Dynasty (which was ruling then) came to an end, and the city was turned to a museum. Millions of tourists throng the place today from differnt parts of the world. A place that was once forbidden to commoners is now host to anybody and everbody. That is why it is good to belong to everybody, rather than to a privileged few.
A tour guide took us round the Forbidden City, with its galleries of ceramics, clocks and watches, and other treasures, most in pure gold. Members of the dynasty really lived it up, drawing the wine of life to the full, and "the mere lees is left the vault to brag of." (William Shakespeare).

The palace museum is believed to be the largest surviving wooden palace structure in the world. Most of the treasures, in gold, silver, jade, pearls and other precious materials, represent the highest artistic level of their time, and the splendour of the imperial family. Those of them who had died before the Forbidden City became a public place, would turn in their graves, if they know what has become of their much vaunted royal abode. The good does not last forever, neither does the evil last forever. Seriki goma, zamani goma. The pauper can become a prince, while the prince can become a pauper. Time and chance pertains to them all.

Prophet Mboro: Jesus Wife Is Hot And Sexy

Prophet Mboro Claims Jesus Has A Hot Young Black Xhosa Wife In Heaven

Prophet Mboro, the man who made international headlines last week after his followers claimed he was ‘abducted’ by God during and Easter service and taken to heaven is back in the news again.

Upon return, the man of cloth claimed he took pictures of heaven using his Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

GOOD HEAVENS!!! Mboro has the whole world shocked

His spokesperson proceeded to announce that the church would be selling the heavenly pictures for R5,000 each.

Well, there is a huge twist in the story now!

Reports claim that in the first Sunday service which he gave today, the Prophet described heaven to his followers.

Whilst this is considerably normal, given that his followers and the world have been itching to hear what the man’s heaven experience was like, it is the nature of his claims that have shocked the entire world, AGAIN.

HEAVEN SELFIE? The first picture released by the church, which they claim is of the Prophet in heaven.

The most outstanding of the revelations was that Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour of the Christian Religion, has a young hot forever young ebony wife.

The Prophet said, “I saw heaven and it is a surprise. Jesus for example, has a beautiful Xhosa wife. She is young, hot, and extremely attractive”

In near Davinci style, the Prophet will have incensed many by his claims.

Christians generally do not want to believe their lord had sex / has sex, as Leonardo Davinci claims in the Davinci Code

Indeed history does depict that Christ probably had a wife, and enjoyed sexual relations with Mary Magdalene.

Could this young Xhosa number be Mrs Jesus? Prophet Mboro certainly thinks so

But Mboro’s claims will cause controversy.

Especially because the wife is not only a wife, but a “young black xhosa wife”

Zulus are going to be extremely angry, as to why Jesus did not take a Zulu number.

While most of the other tribes in South Africa are angry Jesus has a wife to begin with.

Since Mboro says he took pictures with his Galaxy Smartphone, we will wait to see pictures of his wife.

How To Join Olamide’s #WhoYouEpp competition

How To Join Olamide’s #WhoYouEpp competitionHow To Join Olamide's #WhoYouEpp competition
One of Nigeria’s hottest act, Olamide, joins forces with music website, Notjustok.com, to give back to society by helping upcoming artistes through a new and exciting talent contest tagged: Olamide #WhoYouEpp Competition.
Olamide, who has consistently delivered hit after hit over the years, recently released two tracks currently getting massive airplay around the country; Abule Soro and Who You Epp; the track that eventually gave rise to this competition.
Following his unprecedented rise to the top of the music industry in Nigeria, he has decided to help upcoming artistes looking to repeat his feat to rise. While asking the question #WhoYouEpp, Olamide has decided to Epp (help) one talented Up & Coming artist in a very big way!
The winner of the #WhoYouEpp Competition will be given a FREE feature by Olamide, a FREE beat/instrumental (paid for by Olamide) and a FREE VIDEO, shot by the highly-rated Mr Moe Musa. Yes, you read that right.
– Record a freestyle over the “free” 16-bars on Olamide’s “WhoYouEpp?” song (Download link below).
– Upload your song on Mynotjustok.com.
– Email the Mynotjustok link to olamide@notjustok.com.
– Post your Mynotjustok link on Social Media with the hashtags #WhoYouEppCompetition and mention Olamide (@Olamide_YBNL on Twitter, @baddosneh on InstaGram) and Notjustok (@NOTJUSTOK on twitter, @notjustokcom on InstaGram).
Entries will close on Friday, the 15th of April, 2016. Thereafter, the Top 10 entries will be revealed a few days later, and then voting begins. Goodluck!
Twitter – @Olamide_YBNL
Instagram – @baddosneh
Youtube – @OlamideVEVO
For bookings and general inquiries, please contact:
(08184702608 or 08186360343)
For media and press inquiries, please contact:

Another Kogi APC Governorship Candidate Dies

Another Kogi APC Governorship Candidate Dies
Another Kogi APC Governorship Candidate Dies
A former governorship candidate in Kogi State and a front line Afenifere member, Prince Rotimi Obadofin is dead, according Vanguard.
Obadofin, who hailed from Aiyegunle Gbede, in Ijumu Local Government area of Kogi State was one time governorship candidate of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, before it merged into the All Progressives Congress, APC.
Obadofin who was said to have died in Oshogbo, Osun State on Thursday night from ruptured appendix also contested the governorship ticket of APC in last year’s election but lost the ticket to late Prince Abubakar Audu.
The Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello has expressed shock over the death of Obadofin, whom he (Bello) described as a ‘frontline progressive’ who displayed exemplary zeal for the actualization of civil rule in Nigeria.
Bello in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Kingsley Fanwo, described the late Obadofin as a “Pragmatic democrat, fiery human right defender and a believer in the core ethos of Afenifere, a Yoruba socio-cultural group that wrestled power from khakistocrats and returned the nation to representative democracy.”

Notorious B.I.G.'s daughter blasts Diddy for not inviting her to her Dad's concert

Late Notorious B.I.G.'s daughter, T'yanna Wallace took to her Twitter page to call out P.Diddy for having a concert in honour of her late Dad without inviting her to the concert. Diddy read the tweet and invited her to the concert. She went back on her page to tell people to calm down because she had settled with Diddy. Well, twitter users called her out for telling them to calm down, lol. Read the tweets below: 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend over $200k on a brand new Mercedes Benz Maybach (See Photos)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend over $200k on a brand new Mercedes Maybach5 World famous celebrity couple, Kim K and husband Kanye West were seen driving away from popular customizers, Platinum Motorsport in a brand new all options Mercedes Benz Maybach. The couple was said to have paid cash for the luxury car. Standard base Mercedes Maybach costs about $200k but according to TMZ, this one had all the bells and whistles so it must have cost over $200k. See more photos belowKim Kardashian and Kanye West spend over $200k on a brand new Mercedes Maybach
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend over $200k on a brand new Mercedes Maybach1
World famous celebrity couple, Kim K and husband Kanye West were seen driving away from popular customizers, Platinum Motorsport in a brand new all options Mercedes Benz Maybach. The couple was said to have paid cash for the luxury car. Standard base Mercedes Maybach costs about $200k but according to TMZ, this one had all the bells and whistles so it must have cost over $200k.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend over $200k on a brand new Mercedes Maybach3
World famous celebrity couple, Kim K and husband Kanye West were seen driving away from popular customizers, Platinum Motorsport in a brand new all options Mercedes Benz Maybach. The couple was said to have paid cash for the luxury car. Standard base Mercedes Maybach costs about $200k but according to TMZ, this one had all the bells and whistles so it must have cost over $200k.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend over $200k on a brand new Mercedes Maybach4

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